The Cancn International Airport

Private flights can be handled by an FBO at the Cancun International Airport. It’s important to know where you’re going if you’re coming to Mexico. They will wait for you at the terminal where your flight arrives if you booked airport transportation. If you don’t know what terminal you’ll be landing at, you can look for your flight number at the airport. It has a modern hotel with services you need to get a good nights sleep before or after a flight.

To avoid inconveniences, we recommend carrying these belongings in your carry-on luggage. To Cancun, you can bring bottled food, as long as they are sealed, medicines (if controlled, they must be accompanied by a prescription), clothes, and valuables. Do incredible activities in Cancun and discover the main attractions of the city. Travel directly to your destination with the best Cancun Airport Transportation agencies.

Information about Cancun airport arrivals and departures can be found on FlightStats website. Most airports have restaurants in the inside and outside of the boarding area. Airport in CancunWe recommend at least 3 hours in advance for international flights. Private transportation is the most recommended way for international travelers. The international airport of Cancun is regulated by international laws. All your luggage will be inspected by the customs department.

Upon arrival at CUN Airport, passengers can easily locate the baggage claim areas in each terminal. Terminal 1 has two baggage claim areas, while Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 each have three. The baggage claim areas are clearly marked and staff members are available to assist passengers if needed. Baggage carts are also available for use in the baggage claim areas.

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It’s not the airport, but gas stations like 7 11 will scam you if you don’t pay with your credit card. It’s a huge turn off to a beautiful area of the world because of the lots of scam in the area. I have been hit with ATMs not outputting cash but registering it like it did, huge ATM fees, being rufied by a resort waiter, and rent a cop pullover scam looking for bribes.

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Terminals 2, 3, and 4 all have pay-at-the-door and membership airport lounges. There aren’t dedicated public relaxation or sleep zones within the airport, but you will find some padded seats. Though speeds vary, there is no cut-off for Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can keep yourself busy streaming all night if you please.

There are a lot of things in the duty free and other shops that you can’t find on your vacation. Before you leave the airport, you will pass through a hallway with desks and people offering tourist information and services. Many of these are salespersons and can be very aggressive. Ignore them and continue on to the exit. You should have a transportation plan in place before you arrive.

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Many people like the hotel’s free airport shuttle. It is about 30 minutes from most hotels in Tulum and 45 minutes from Playa Del Carmen hotels. You will need to plan how to get from the airport to your house because travel times and distances are far. The complete details on each option are below. There is a large selection of restaurants, bars and fast food outlets at the airport.

It is more expensive and not covered parking at CUN if you need to park long term. There is a secured lot just outside the airport on the highway. There is a shuttle between the lot and the terminals.

They take you to your hotel instead of the bus station, so they are a better option. The reserve now link will take you to the official website. The Riviera Maya is located at the gateway to the airport. It is the second busiest airport in Mexico.