Suggestions for Engagement Party Gifts

In the event that you intend to provide a present but are unclear about what to bring, we offer some suggestions below.

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The money

“In our experience, money is not only an acceptable gift but a much appreciated one,” says Hardtman. Couples frequently are unaware of the many costs associated with planning a wedding, so maybe your financial contribution will allow them to indulge in a way that they may not have otherwise. If their parents are covering the cost of the wedding, they might use it to save money for their honeymoon.”

The Toasting Flutes

Toasting flutes are a terrific present for an engagement party, according to Hardtman, because the couple may use them on their wedding day and for years after saying “I do.” “We very often recommend a classic set from Tiffany’s because everyone loves receiving gifts in their signature blue box, or having a special set of well-designed Champagne flutes monogrammed with their initials or wedding date (if set),” she continues.

Complementary Leather Passport Covers

“If you know that a destination wedding is in the couples’ plans, maybe it’s time to help them get organized with matching leather passport holders, packing cubes, luggage tags, or monogrammed jewelry pouches to hold the new bling,” suggests Hardtman.

Wine or Champagne?

Bringing a luxury bottle of wine or Champagne, especially if it’s the couple’s favorite vintage or label, is always a good idea for this kind of event. According to Hardtman, “a more rare bottle of wine or bubbles to be enjoyed at a later time during their next few months of planning,” or “Champagne to enjoy during the celebration,” will always go down well.

A Notepad

Not sure how much money you have to spend? Fear not—you may give the pair a card expressing your congratulations and your excitement for you to share this milestone with them. A few heartfelt remarks make a big difference.

A Massage for Two

“Couples that love experiences over things would surely appreciate a couples massage for times when planning can get a little stressful,” says Hardtman. “Book them a spa day or purchase a gift card at their favorite local spa where they can take the edge off together and stay focused on the fun.”

A Customized Item

Personalized products like notebooks, cutting boards, and bespoke prints, or monogrammed kitchenware are some of our favorite engagement party presents. “A cake serving set which can also be monogrammed and used to cut their wedding cake—always a classic,” says Hardtman.

present or no present, of course, make sure you personally congratulate your friends and express gratitude to the host for inviting you to their engagement celebration.

Do you have to bring a present for the engagement party?

No. It is completely voluntary. A close friend or relative who is very beloved of the bride or groom, such as an aunt or cousin, frequently presents a gift. However, it’s not required or expected of anybody else.

What sort of present is suitable, if you do wish to offer one?

Money, checks, or gift cards are always appreciated gifts. Invest in two or four champagne flutes as a present to emphasize the joyous nature of becoming engaged. Or bring a prosecco or champagne bottle. It’s unlikely that the bride has registered yet, but if she has, check there for inspiration.

How much money is that right?

There’s no specific quantity, just like with wedding presents. Remember that this isn’t the wedding, so your spending should reflect that, and just spend what you can afford.