5 Things to Consider Before Entering a Dispensary

1. Your budtender will ask you why you’re there and what your cannabis goals are right away, so be ready with an explanation.

I had been under the assumption that there were really only two varieties of weed: the one that made me drool till I went asleep and the kind that made me sweat with paranoia, even though I knew there were virtually an endless amount of strains out there. I was therefore shocked to find myself discussing my vacation plans in such depth with my budtender. Was it concert marijuana I wanted, or poolside weed? Would I be having a drink too? How tense would I feel in a crowded place? How laid back is too laid back for supper?

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“When people come in and they ask for something, we’re really illustrating a spectrum [of experience],” Payan explains, “and there are a lot of variations in the spectrum.” Therefore, considering these questions can help you as you become more and more specific about the kind of experience you desire, regardless of your level of experience.

To begin with, you should anticipate being asked if you would want to feel elevated or relaxed. How lively is our conversation? Would you want a cleaner, more energizing sense that allows you to move about and be active? Or are we talking about settling down at the end of the day, or do you want to be lounging about in the park? Or do you require anything much more substantial to aid with your sleep?

Our unique characteristics may have an impact on the consequences in addition to how different strains may affect you. Payan claims, “We’re walking chemistry experiments.” In addition, your experience may be impacted by the surroundings, the people you’re with, or the other substances you’re using. It’s beneficial to discuss any prior cannabis experiences you may have had, whether positive or negative, with your budtender so they can guide you through this type of dialogue. Mention any prior cannabis experiences you may have had as well!

2. Be honest without fear and be ready to ask a lot of questions.

“We want to make sure everybody is prepared with as much information as possible,” Payan states. No matter how simple or absurd you may believe your inquiry is, a budtender is available to assist you. It’s what they do! While appointments are not strictly necessary (walk-ins are accepted), it is necessary to make a reservation in advance if you would like a private session.

I went with a friend who had never in their whole life used cannabis in any form or fashion. They naturally had a lot of questions, queries that I had kind of forgotten were even possible. Those are, of course, the kinds of questions that become the most crucial to ask.

“How can I tell if I’m high? What is the duration of the high? “How do you turn on the vape pen?” they inquired, and our kind barista patiently and sensitively responded to each one like she was my favorite elementary school teacher. Nothing is too simple or “beginner” to ask.

3. Find out what payment methods your preferred dispensary accepts, and if needed, obtain cash.

Since cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, making payments may be difficult (haha banks!). Currently, a lot of shops only accept cash. However, some people have figured out ways around the restrictions so they may accept debit or credit cards.

It’s crucial to be aware of what your preferred dispensary accepts in advance for this reason. It is not desirable to accumulate $200 in purchases just to discover that your Visa is invalid. Payan advises checking what payment options the dispensary accepts by giving them a call in advance or visiting their website.

4. Be aware of any health conditions that can influence your experience.

Although cannabis side effects are rarely severe, it’s still vital to be aware of them and how your body responds to them. For example, as SELF recently reported, we are aware that smoking marijuana can irritate the lungs and that marijuana usage might raise heart rates. Mental health issues are also taken into consideration. For example, if you are prone to anxiety, be aware that some cannabis strains might cause anxiety-inducing highs.

In my situation, I was aware that some concentrated oils, even being vaped, have a tendency to exacerbate my asthma. I wish I had brought it up during my consultationโ€”and before I bought a whole cartridge of oil and a vape pen that gave me some uncomfortable bouts of coughing before I gave up completelyโ€”for whatever reason that I’m not really sure of.

Therefore, you might want to discuss the best approach to use cannabis (if at all) with your doctor if you have a prior medical condition. For instance, your doctor or budtender could suggest sticking to edible cannabis products that don’t need smoking or vaping if you have respiratory problems.

5. Recognize the type of identification and other documents you must bring.

Although it may seem like tedious bureaucracy, this is crucial. It’s important to research this in advance because different states have different regulations pertaining to the procedure. I just required to be at least 21 years old and have a state ID issued by the government to enter Las Vegas (check and absolutely check).

You will almost definitely require a specific ID or documentation indicating your status if you are a medical patient, which means that you are registered in your state to consume cannabis lawfully to assist manage a medical condition.